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Plotter+Pressa 5in1
Articolo Opzione Software FLEXI Starter (con gestione automatica del lettore dei crocini) Versione OEM Multilingua (comprende Italiano) - In sostituzione del software base "One Year SignCut Pro"
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Caratteristiche del software fornito di serie "One Year SignCut Pro" OEM Multilingua (comprende Italiano). In alternativa è possibile richiedere FLEXI STARTER (con gestione dei lettori dei crocini)

Widely used for:

Various contour cutting
Sign making & manufacturing
T-shirt transfer cutting
Paint mask cutting
Sandblast mask cutting
... and much much more.

SignCut is the most efficient and flexible vinyl cutting software that exists today. Perfectly adapted to your vinyl cutter, it improves its ability considerably.

SignCut is not just a simple printer driver. It is a very powerful application which supports the whole manufacturing process, saving both time and material.

We believe software should keep up with hardware - that's why SignCut has become the most up-to-date cutting software on the market, supporting most versions of popular layout software like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and InkScape, and runs on all the latest operating systems - Windows 7, Windows Vista and Mac OS X.

SignCut allows you to express yourself and produce high quality work. You can cut small pieces with high precision and absolute accuracy. You can manage signs of unlimited size by dividing them into cuttable overlapping tiles in a size that suits your cutter.

With SignCut you can mount multible color jobs, such as advanced car striping. And it's easier than ever before.

If you like paper craft work, then you will be thrilled by outstanding contour cutting abilities and a most user friendly dashed line cutting.

Wasted material is never a good thing, and to that end, SignCut helps you save material like no other sign cutting software.

Time-critical applications? SignCut has you covered with the smartest weeding lines you ever experienced. And that alone may save you several hours every month.

SignCut also supports sign mounting like no other software, putting a powerful registration mark system at your fingertips. And your measurements are available with a single click of the "Print Out" button.

SignCut is very easy to use with a simple and straightforward interface, which lets you import and work with vector graphics to design your signs. Combined with the extremely powerful backend it is built on top of, SignCut is most advanced product of its kind on the market.

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